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What is Your Caregiver Privacy Policy?

Missy BasingerClinical LiaisonScheduling Manager

As a private duty home health care professional have you ever had a client try and negotiate his or her favorite caregiver’s personal phone number from you? Generally I hate to describe a client’s behavior that way but sometimes it can be spot on. We understand. But what about the caregiver and his/ her privacy?

Working in home health you have probably encountered this problem once or twice. A client becomes attached to their caregiver and wants more. They can literally try to force that information out of you by using all means available to them. I’ve had clients pitch tantrums, I’ve been told the agency is a pain in the you know what, and I’ve had clients claim the caregiver misplaced household items as a ruse to get ahold of them at home. You know the drill. The trouble is, as a professional you must ensure that the line between caregiver, read “employee”, and “friend” does not become blurred.

I recommend the following:

– Keep your caregiver’s personal information private. By now we in healthcare are all familiar with H.I.P.A.A. but your client may not be. Explain your HIPAA policy to your client and point to where they can find a copy of that document.

– Re-Direct by getting to the root of the request. Solving the clients current problem alleviates their need to get ahold of the caregiver at a time when the caregiver is not at work.

– Contact the caregiver for your client and offer to call them back with the information they feel they urgently must have, giving a specific time frame when they should expect your call. CALL THEM BACK within that time frame even if you cannot get ahold of the caregiver.

– Recruit the clients family members, trust officer and/or power of attorney to your side so that they can help you explain why the personal phone number of their favorite caregiver cannot be shared. Enlisting the help of the people closest to your client will greatly affect whether they are satisfied with your service and accept your answer.

– Always be positive and courteous even when you are being told off for not providing the information you know you cannot give. Positivity is the greatest form of persuasion.

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Just wanted to let you know I’m very grateful for the good job you do with my husband.  After recovering from COVID he is much weaker than before, and I am hearing from other people that they can’t get help due to staffing issues.  I always know I have help coming!  Carolyn


Thanks for looking after R.B.  Amy does a great job keeping me posted; I appreciate that! She is really on top of all aspects of her job! Barbara


Living in Colorado with my mother in Florida creates a number of challenges.  Bright Day has served as one of her caregivers for the past five years and has done an excellent job in assisting me manage my Mom from afar.  Bonti knows the business well and strives to always deliver quality care and advice.  Geriatric care can be quite complicated due to the idiosyncrasies of the patient and their unique mental health and medical needs, as swell as the odd hours often required of caregivers.  Bright Day’s staff is very good at responding to these issues and it gives me great comfort knowing such a professional firm is on my team.  Doug S.


I called Bright Day at 5:10 pm on Good Friday because my father was being moved to Hospice care at home. I got in touch with Bonti, the CEO, and she organized a nurse to call me that night and get everything set up for my father to return home on Monday. It was Easter weekend and her team stepped up. My Dad was so happy to be home and they made it possible. I am so thankful that they made his last days so good. They are a truly caring and comforting organization. Thank you.  Benjamin D.


Thank you, Missy, for your prayer and thoughts.  You did an excellent job placing great people to take care of my husband.  There were times when things were quite difficult.  Again thank you for your kindness.

Jennie K.


My mother truly enjoyed the time she spent with Ginny.  Ginny helped my mom with her exercises, motivated her to get out and walk around, and even styled her hair.  My mom looked forward to every visit!  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Bright Day, and especially Ginny, to anyone who needs home health services in the Sarasota area.  They are top notch!

C. Brown


Albert was always punctual and anticipated my requirements before asked.  I must grade his behavior and work outstanding or a rating of 12 out of a possible 10.

Hal M.



You matched the perfect person to Dad’s dry wit and situational needs and now, Barbara is his favorite person he looks forward to seeing during his weekly visits! I am so relieved that he has a reliable “assistant” who is such a lovely lady. She is someone who truly cares and enjoys him.

Jean T.





Just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much we appreciate Bright Day!!! It is so difficult for me to try and “support” Dad when I live so far away. He was initially resistant, but you had him at “Hello” with your professional, calm and reassuring demeanor.

Jean T.


Your services are fantastic! I have never worked with such a warm, caring, dedicated staff of caregivers such as yourselves. You bring such confidence to us. There is absolutely no question that Bright Day is number one!

Thank you for taking such good care of us.

Sherry K.